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Persistence Tour 2020
01/22/2020 Brno - Sono
Nazareth 01/25/2020 Pardubice
Apocalyptica, Sabaton
01/26/2020 Praha - O2 arena
Darkest hour
01/28/2020 Praha - Futurum music club
Uriah Heep
01/31/2020 Havlíčkův Brod
Shit Happens
02/01/2020 Velké Meziříčí
Warbell 02/01/2020 Praha - Modrá Vopice
Abbath, 1349
02/08/2020 Brno - Fléda
Lindemann 02/10/2020 Praha - O2 universum
Napalm Death, Rotten Sound
02/12/2020 Praha - Roxy
Carnifex, Thy Art is Murder
02/13/2020 Praha - MeetFactory
Five Finger Death Punch, Megadeth
02/14/2020 Praha
Slipknot, Behemoth
02/14/2020 Vienna
Moonsorrow 02/15/2020 Brno - Melodka
Monuments 02/19/2020 Praha - Futurum music club
Prong, Unearth
02/20/2020 Ostrava
Distaste 02/21/2020 Brno
Vanessa 02/21/2020 Chrudim
Mister Misery
02/21/2020 Praha - 007
3Teetch 02/21/2020 Praha
Isacaarum, Gutalax
02/22/2020 České Budějovice - MC Fabrika
Obscura, God Dethroned
02/25/2020 Praha - Futurum music club
Gost 02/27/2020 Praha - Modrá Vopice
Destruction, Suicidal Angels
02/27/2020 Plzeň
Hardcore is coming vol.2
02/28/2020 Polná
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