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Magic Sword
09/25/2019 Praha
Protector, Lahar
09/28/2019 Praha - Modrá Vopice
Ratos de Porao
10/01/2019 Praha
Ratos de Porao
10/02/2019 Brno - Melodka
Airbourne 10/02/2019 Praha - Roxy
Cro-Mags 10/02/2019 Praha - Futurum music club
As I Lay Dying, Unearth
10/04/2019 Praha - Forum Karlín
Haemorrhage 10/05/2019 Žilina
Tattoo session silesia 15.
10/05/2019 Opava
Dog eat dog
10/05/2019 Praha - MeetFactory
S.D.I. 10/05/2019 Chrudim
Aleš Brichta 60
10/06/2019 Praha - Forum Karlín
Dog eat dog
10/06/2019 Brno - Fléda
Gamballe Night
10/10/2019 Brno - Melodka
Brno v plamenech
10/12/2019 Brno
Strife, Risk IT
10/12/2019 Praha - 007
Perturbator 10/13/2019 Bratislava - MMC
Static-X, Soil
10/14/2019 Praha - MeetFactory
Cradle of Filth
10/15/2019 Košice
Machine Head
10/16/2019 Vienna
Vanessa Mae
10/16/2019 Brno
Hardline 10/18/2019 Praha - Nová Chmelnice
Die Happy
10/19/2019 Praha
Decapitated 10/19/2019 Slovensko
Hymen collector fest
10/19/2019 Praha - Modrá Vopice
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